What movie is this quote from?

Two years ago Luis Sobrecueva was trying to find some quotes that¬† were said in several movies to make a video presentation using film fragments. He didn’t know how to find something non-popular movie phrases that didn’t appear on Google,¬† and so he developed a tool to solve it, extracting and indexing quotes from movie subtitles.

Talking about this with his friend Jose Luis, they decided to make a website to give people the opportunity to use it. Some months later subzin was born.

Founders Luis Sobrecueva and Jose Luis built the search engine core over the summer of 2008, currently the website has thousands of daily visitors and his numbers are growing up every day.

Humble Beginnings

Since its beginnings until today this project hasn’t had any kind of external investment, only a lot of work and some dollars to pay servers. Fortunately now, we are going to have more resources to improve the site and to extend functionalities.

If you are interested in collaborating with this project please contact us.

We hope you enjoy it!