Latest news

Over the last few months we have been tuning and improving the search
engine and implementing some important features as:

  • Faster Searches. The time required for successful searches has been reduced considerably.
  • Order by popularity (based on IMDB votes), that allows you to find the quotes from the best rated films first.
  • Advanced Search Improvement, adding a lot of different filters.
  • New link to “Find more quotes in a specific title” that allows you to search for other different quotes in a specific movie you are already looking at.
  • New Facebook Application, now you can save and share your favoritesquotes, add them to your profile, etc.


Things to keep on improving:

  • More performance improvements in searching and loading times.
  • New contents, we have thousands of quotes pending to be uploaded.
  • More quotes from TV Series (currently we have not a lot of tv series content)
  • Improvements in facebook app searches, allowing you to use the same filters than web site searches.

Go to Subzin to enjoy the new features.

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