More new features


We already have more than 15 million phrases…from more than 15 thousand movies and series !!!

Searches have been improved, thanks to a new full-text search engine that greatly improve the speed of searching and  the accuracy of results

Social networks improvements- we have added a new share icon that allows you to publish or even to share any quote in social networks such as facebook, myspace, live, etc.
What we are working on:

  • New and improved design of the search results page that will permit you to look for phrases in a concrete title (advanced search).
  • Besides, now the results are automatically sorted by alphabetical order but you will be able to order them by title, year, etc…
  • Video quotes – A new link will allow you to look for a quote on video.
  • We are also improving blog.

Go to Subzin to enjoy the new features.

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