Subzin ya habla español

April 17th, 2011

Ahora puedes buscar todas las frases de tus películas y series favoritas en idioma español, el catálogo no es tan extenso como en inglés, pero ya supera los ocho mil títulos.

Si le estás dando vueltas a alguna frase y no recuerdas de que película se trata, entra en y, como dijo Gandalf, Con suerte la búsqueda no será en vano!

Eso es todo amigos!

News for New Year

January 9th, 2011

Happy New Year!

Since our last update, we’ve rolled out some new important improvements in the search engine performance and several changes in infrastructure.

This year we are mainly working in two important projects:



In the next months subzin will be able to search quotes in more languages than english. We are going to release new languages progresively.


We are hard working to release a mobile application for iphone and android devices soon.

As always, we’re grateful to all of our users for keeping up with us over the year, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more improvements in 2011!

Subzin 2.0 is released!

September 2nd, 2010
New servers ‘on the cloud’ supply a lot of power to the search engine.
contentsMore social
A Twitter account to receive latest news and interesting daily quotes and to hear and comment your sugerences and opinions.
New search options
We have added two new links to the final of each movie box to improve the quote searching.
See All quotes from a specific title and Find more quotes in a specific title
contentsMore contents
The new subzin already has more than 18000 titles
A new home page!
We have changed the home page adding a carousel of latest movies and phrases found
Just enjoy it!

Thousands of new titles

August 31st, 2010

Now you have in Subzin thousands of new titles with millions of new quotes, try to find the quotes from the latest movies!


Enjoy it!!

Latest news

February 1st, 2010

Over the last few months we have been tuning and improving the search
engine and implementing some important features as:

  • Faster Searches. The time required for successful searches has been reduced considerably.
  • Order by popularity (based on IMDB votes), that allows you to find the quotes from the best rated films first.
  • Advanced Search Improvement, adding a lot of different filters.
  • New link to “Find more quotes in a specific title” that allows you to search for other different quotes in a specific movie you are already looking at.
  • New Facebook Application, now you can save and share your favoritesquotes, add them to your profile, etc.


Things to keep on improving:

  • More performance improvements in searching and loading times.
  • New contents, we have thousands of quotes pending to be uploaded.
  • More quotes from TV Series (currently we have not a lot of tv series content)
  • Improvements in facebook app searches, allowing you to use the same filters than web site searches.

Go to Subzin to enjoy the new features.

Keep improving

July 20th, 2009


We keep improving our site services better and better day by day. As we have announced previously the latest version includes new features like:

  • New and improved design of the search results page that will permit you to look for phrases in a concrete title (advanced search).
  • New filters and sorted options: Now the results can be sorted by title, year, etc… and they can also be grouped by genre and type.

Thank you for your support and caring the number of quotes is growing each day…Thanks a lot!!
We expect to have a facebook application soon to make the community grow!!!

What we are working on…

* Facebook Application
* Video quotes – A new link will allow you to look for a quote in video.
* We are also improving our blog.

More new features

May 25th, 2009


We already have more than 15 million phrases…from more than 15 thousand movies and series !!!

Searches have been improved, thanks to a new full-text search engine that greatly improve the speed of searching and  the accuracy of results

Social networks improvements- we have added a new share icon that allows you to publish or even to share any quote in social networks such as facebook, myspace, live, etc.
What we are working on:

  • New and improved design of the search results page that will permit you to look for phrases in a concrete title (advanced search).
  • Besides, now the results are automatically sorted by alphabetical order but you will be able to order them by title, year, etc…
  • Video quotes – A new link will allow you to look for a quote on video.
  • We are also improving blog.

Go to Subzin to enjoy the new features.

New features

March 27th, 2009

New features on Subzin

  • Firefox Search BarFirefox plugin to add Subzin to the search bar of this web browser


  • My profileRegistered users can change their password, e-mail, choose a new nickname and new public URL, … in this new section.
  • Favourite QuotesWe have added a new section to the site for having your favourite quotes.To mark a quote as favourite you just have to click on the star icon.
  • Share your quotesYou can send a quote just by clicking the envelope icon.

    Besides, your friends and family can easily see your favourite quotes by sending them the URL shown in My profile section


What we are working on:

  • More news titles
  • Favourite quotes widget
  • Improving blog and New design

Go to Subzin to enjoy the new features.

How to find a phrase – Tips and tricks

June 8th, 2008

Suggestions if not results found:

  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
  • Make sure any of the words must have three characters at least.
  • Try different keywords.
  • Try more keywords.